AFBF: cattle market report is a good first step toward fair markets


AFBF: cattle market report is a good first step toward fair markets

The USDA released a report on its investigation into disparities between prices paid to farmers and beef prices at the grocery stores

Scott Bennett, director of congressional relations with American Farm Bureau, says the report does not examine potential violations of the Packers and Stockyards Act.

“I know a lot of people were really hoping for a verdict to come out of the USDA but that’s simply not the case in this report,” he says. “However, at the end of this report, we have some policy recommendations, some suggestions, and some food for thought for the industry and that is very much appreciated.”

He tells Brownfield AFBF wants to see fair markets for cattle producers.  

“With the consolidation of the packing industry and with four major packers controlling 80-85 percent of the slaughter capacity in the United States, many producers feel like they don’t have the upper hand in negotiating down the supply chain,” he says. We understand that is how the industry currently exists so we hope that through these investigations we can have fair markets for our producers. Cattle Producers work too hard to producer and raise these cattle for them not to get their fair share.”

Bennett says AFBF will work with USDA and Congress to ensure markets are fair.

Audio: Scott Bennett