CFAP payments exceed $6.2 billion so far


CFAP payments exceed $6.2 billion so far

More than $6.2 billion have been paid directly to farmers through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program so far, with just over a month left to apply.

Livestock producers have received a little more than half of the sum with $2.7 billion for cattle producers, $394 million for hog producers and $28 million to sheep producers.

20% of payments have been made to dairy producers totaling $1.25 million.

Non-specialty crop producers have received 26% of funds with $1.1 billion to corn growers, $314 million to soybean growers and $155 million to upland cotton growers.

The remaining 3% of funds have gone to specialty crop producers totaling $186 million.

Growers in Iowa have received the most money at $652 million, followed by Nebraska at $460 million and Minnesota at nearly $4 million.