Walz Administration “working around the edges” to help Minnesota farmers


Walz Administration “working around the edges” to help Minnesota farmers

Governor Walz tells Brownfield his administration is exploring many avenues to help Minnesota farmers survive the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We can do some tax changes, which I advocated on the Section 179 conformity (that) I wasn’t able to get in last year. But I think this year there’s bipartisan support. If we’re able to get a tax bill, I think that’s something.”

He says the state can continue helping pork producers who’ve been forced to euthanize healthy pigs because of slowdowns at packing plants.

“Where we had to dispose of carcasses (and) make sure we’re keeping those plants up and running. That’s where the state’s testing and tracing made a difference. Working in conjunction with JBS, with Hormel, those types of things do make a difference.”

And Walz wants to keep sending the message that agriculture is foundational to the state and national economy.

“In the middle of all this, if you remember the first few weeks of COVID-19, the worry was of empty grocery shelves (and) there not being enough to eat. And I’ll tell you what, our producers did what they were asked to do.”

The Governor points out Minnesota doesn’t have the buying power of the federal government, but he says the state can do the work around the edges to keep the situation from getting worse for farmers.