Pork market continues to be murky amid COVID-19


Pork market continues to be murky amid COVID-19

Supply chain problems from COVID-19 have led to uncertainty in the pork market causing tighter producer margins.

A University of Missouri Ag economist says he can’t remember a more uncertain pork market.

Scott Brown tells Brownfield that pork’s retail price has risen 20 cents from May to June, but the price change isn’t reaching producers.

“Pushing higher prices at consumers and lower prices at consumers; it’s not a good combination if you’re in the supply side of this market,” he said.

He says while COVID-19 has caused trade disruptions, he is more concerned about the domestic market.

“That stimulus puts more money in consumers’ pockets, that probably is helpful on the meat side,” he said. “But, all in all, we’re talking about economic contraction and normally, we consume less meat and we pay less for it when that happens.”

Brown says 2020 meat exports to China are higher than 2019, but exports are lower almost everywhere else. Brown spoke at the Missouri Pork Association’s Swine Health Symposium in Sedalia, Missouri Tuesday.

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