Nebraska farmer thinks pollination went okay


Nebraska farmer thinks pollination went okay

South-central Nebraska farmer John Greer says despite the very hot temperatures in early July, he’s not too concerned about the pollination of his corn crop.

“My expectation is that we have not had any pollination problems here,” Greer says. “The silks have not dried up, they’re keeping very moist. So I’m hoping that pollination is not a problem at all.”

Greer says they did experience some green snap from a severe windstorm a couple of weeks ago.

“One of the agronomists said maybe 10 to 15 percent green snap” he says. “So that’s going to kind of take the top end off the yield potential, perhaps.”

Greer says most of the corn that was blown over is starting to stand back up, although some of it is goose necked.  

“I thought earlier in the spring our crop looked as good as it has for several years. Then the windstorm kind of beat it up a little bit.  But that’s part of it, too.”

AUDIO: John Greer