Illinois farmer’s crops doing well despite weather challenges


Illinois farmer’s crops doing well despite weather challenges

Photo by Alex Head

A central Illinois farmer says his crops are looking good despite excessive spring rains and summer heat.

Alex Head farms near Decatur. He tells Brownfield there have been steady rains over the last couple of weeks that made higher temperatures more bearable during corn pollination.  

“Overall, I would say the corn looks good aside from a few spots here and there in the fields from the wet spring we had.”

He says they are seeing weed pressure on their non-GMO soybeans.

“We have a few weeds, but I think I can live with that. We are at the stage now where it is more of a cosmetic look than it is yield damaging on the beans in my opinion.”

Head says the consistent rains have also minimized heat stress for their commercial cow/calf herd, but they are watching the high temperatures closely as they determine weaning dates.  

He says they had a stretch of 10-12 straight days of some of the best hay harvesting weather he has ever seen in Illinois so they are ahead with a quality crop stored for the winter.

Photo by Alex Head
Interview with Alex Head