Dairy industry listens to negative perceptions


Dairy industry listens to negative perceptions

The dairy industry continues to face negative perceptions.

During the Dairy Experience Forum, hosted virtually Wednesday by the American Dairy Association, a panel of consumers talked about environmental concerns related to dairy production.

“I think the way the animals are treated concerns me the most because from what I understand, they live in very close quarters. They kind of just grow up and live in their own feces.”

Another panelist said he tries to stay away from so-called “mass-produced, giant” dairy farms.

“I think those farms can be detrimental to the environment. I think those cows may not be fed the best diet. I think you are what you eat, and so is whatever you’re eating, eats.”

On a separate panel, Minnesota dairy farmer Suzanne Vold says her farm has five value statements that they follow.

“And one of them is leaving it better than when we came. That sums up sustainability for us.”

She says that encompasses how they take care of their cows, natural resources like ground, air, and water, and how they take care of their community.