Animal Agriculture Alliance launches animal ag allies program


Animal Agriculture Alliance launches animal ag allies program

Animal welfare and sustainability are two hot button issues impacting animal agriculture and a new program from the Animal Agriculture Alliance will aim to empower farmers, ranchers, and veterinarians to be part of these discussions.  

Hannah Thompson-Weeman is vice president of communications with alliance.  

“The voices that carry the most weight are farmers, ranchers, and practicing veterinarians— the people that are on the ground day in and day out on the front lines caring for animals and being very engaged right on that grassroots level,” she says.  

She tells Brownfield the Animal Ag Allies program will benefit farmers, ranchers, and veterinarians that depend on consumers.

“If your business relies on consumers continuing to feel confident in buying milk, meat, poultry, and eggs, we believe you should get involved in Animal Ag Allies,” she says.

The program will provide strategies, background information, networking, and training. It consists of two phases: online training and a private forum to discuss issues. Participants should enroll by August 7.

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Audio: Hannah Thompson-Weeman