Dietary Guidelines Advisory committee report published


Dietary Guidelines Advisory committee report published

The final report of the 2020 federal dietary guidelines for the next five years have been published to praise and criticism praise and criticism and will be open to public comment.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association praised the expert advisory committee for “recognizing beef’s role in a healthy lifestyle, including the essential role of beef’s nutrients at every life stage.”

Some ag groups have complained the guidelines ignore the latest science. The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association wanted more studies reviewed having to do with high-protein low-carb diets and their health benefits.

The Nutrition Coalition complained about a lack of transparent, verified methodology used in the committee’s review of nutrition science and says the committee excluded “large bodies of scientific literature.”

They say all the clinical trials on weight loss and the last decade of new science on saturated fats were left out.

The USDA and Health and Human Services are taking written public comment through August 13th. A public meeting to take oral comments will be held August 11th, with the final guidelines to go into effect at the end of December.