CFAP will expand specialty crop list again


CFAP will expand specialty crop list again

USDA expects to make more Coronavirus Food Assistance Program payments on additional specialty crops.

AMS Deputy Administrator for Specialty Crops Sonia Jimenez says the agency asked for input following the initial program announcement and received more than 1,700 comments.

“We’re still going through comments, there are many, many, many more commodities that we’re still looking at, but we wanted to publish those that we had already made decisions on.”

USDA first announced the CFAP program in April and added more than 40 additional crops and expanded coverage during the beginning of July.

Jimenez says USDA picked the top 50 commodities to get the program off the ground and plans to add even more commodities very soon once all comments have been reviewed.

Jimenez made her comments during this week’s CFAP producer webinar.