Ag equipment sales see 33% improvement from last year


Ag equipment sales see 33% improvement from last year

Ag equipment sales have seen an increase from 2019 with a surprising recovery following a halt in sales during the coronavirus outbreak.

Curt Blades, Senior Vice President of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers tells Brownfield there has been a 33% increase in tractor sales and a 37% increase combine sales from June 2019, with the biggest increase for tractors under 400 horsepower.

“Folks were quarantined, and a lot of people were working from home. As you look through this pandemic some markets have done particularly well including those related to home improvement. Small tractors fall into that category as well.”

With farm income being a driving factor for sales, Blades says he is surprised to see larger tractor sales increased too with 40 to 100 horsepower tractors up 28% and two-wheel drive 100+ horsepower tractors up 3% on the year.

“Given the economics of the farm situation and all of the uncertainty due to trade, biofuels and animal agriculture in general, it is quite surprising that those numbers have come out with the recovery that they have.”

Blades says with so many factors in play, it is difficult to forecast what equipment sales numbers will look like heading into harvest, but with a positive June report he remains optimistic.

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Interview with Curt Blades