Winfield United moves cotton seed to Armor Brand


Winfield United moves cotton seed to Armor Brand

Winfield United says it’s adding cotton to its Armor brand seed line-up for the 2021 growing season.

Kelly Phipps, seed marketing director of Winfield United, tells Brownfield Ag News, “We feel like that cotton growers are in specific areas and the Armor brand has been in those areas and so we think we can bring more value to them. With Winfield United’s agronomy backing the Armor brand we think it’ll be a really good thing for growers.”

Armor is a long known brand in the southern U.S. which Winfield United acquired in 2017, “I think what Winfield United brings to the table that can help with the Armor brand and help cotton growers is a more profit-oriented look with their research and development and agronomy expertise that Winfield United brings.”

Phipps says the transition from CROPLAN cotton to the Armor brand will complement Armor’s soybean seed and CROPLAN’s corn seed.

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