Window to manage weeds narrowing


Window to manage weeds narrowing

The window to treat weeds is narrowing.

University of Minnesota Extension crops educator Dave Nicolai says in his state, glyphosate herbicides can be applied through full bloom.

“Or R2. So possibilities, although we’re obviously concerned about weed resistance.”

He tells Brownfield a lot of PPO herbicides like Flexstar GT and Cobra are being sprayed right now.

“But there you’re going to have concerns about making sure we have the proper cutoff in terms of ten-month rotation with corn in Minnesota. And also 45-day pre-harvest interval on Cobra.”

Nicolai says the label allows for Enlist Duo and Liberty applications through R1.

“So depending on when you plant, you still might have an opportunity. But beyond that, there’s going to be post-harvest treatments on some of the labels, cultivation, (and) walking (fields) obviously.”

He also encourages growers to monitor field edges because oftentimes that’s where giant ragweed will be found.

“Whatever you can do to keep it from (spreading) seed in terms of the seed bank will be helpful for this year and subsequent years.”