MO funding to add new, grow current small packers


MO funding to add new, grow current small packers

Governor Mike Parson said he’s in talks with multiple parties outside of Missouri who he believes will come to the state to open packing plants, supported by 20 million dollars of state funding.

Parson tells Brownfield the funding passed by the state legislature earlier this year will also support current small meat packers and create growth in those plants.

“I think you’ll see, somewhat, some more co-op meat processing plants instead of the larger plants,” he said.

At the Missouri Agribusiness Association conference, Parson said growth for small packers will support the local meat market, giving shoppers more options.

“We want to start promoting these small business owners to do processing plants around the state,” he said. “We know we have a need for the big plants, but there’s nothing wrong with having some of these smaller plants out there to help with that market.”

Packers must have 200 employees or less to be eligible to receive the funding. The largest amount that can be awarded is $200,000.

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