Minnesota Pork CEO supports RAMP Up Act


Minnesota Pork CEO supports RAMP Up Act

The CEO of the Minnesota Pork Producers supports the RAMP Up Act.

David Preisler tells Brownfield the bill recently introduced in the U.S. House would help small to medium-sized meatpacking plants.

“So think of your community locker. (this bill helps) them move up to USDA inspection, and that would allow those plants to ship across state lines and open up a tremendous opportunity for them to sell product.”

He says USDA has a way to do this, but lacks funding.

“It would provide grants up to $100,000 to help those small plants, and we think it’s a really good idea.”

The bipartisan legislation could be part of the next round of coronavirus relief.

“I don’t think we’re going to know exactly how that is going to turn out until we get the Senate back in session later on this month and see what version of CARES assistance they come up with.”

Preisler says he’s optimistic about the RAMP Up Act because he believes there’s been a realization that more flexibility in the nation’s food supply system is needed.