Wheat harvest is underway in the Nebraska Panhandle


Wheat harvest is underway in the Nebraska Panhandle

Photo courtesy Pete Miller

Wheat harvest is underway in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Pete Miller farms in the southern Panhandle near Lodgepole.

“The wheat’s kind of all over the board. We had some bad winterkill early this spring, in April, a couple of late freezes that killed some of it,” Miller says. “The stuff we’re running in now is doing mid-40’s probably. Test weight’s been real good—it’s running between 60 and 62 pounds. I’m real happy with that. And protein is anywhere from 9 to 11½.”

Miller says it’s been hot. On Tuesday it was 100 degrees with a 30 mile per hour wind. It’s also been a month since their last rain and he says his dryland corn and proso millet could definitely use some.

“The corn actually looks pretty good—it’s hanging in there. I’m not sure how, but it looks good. And the proso millet doesn’t look too bad. It’s needs a rain also, but it’s doing okay.”

Miller says the millet is used mainly for bird seed, although some also goes to human consumption.

AUDIO: Pete Miller

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