Growth Energy urges EPA to use real world data


Growth Energy urges EPA to use real world data

Growth Energy is urging the EPA to use real-world data on ethanol’s air quality benefits under the Renewable Fuels Standard.

Chris Bliley, Growth Energy senior vice president, says they support EPA’s conclusion that no further fuel regulation is necessary but take fault with some of EPA’s findings, “The emissions benefits of ethanol and biofuels are understated. So, we point that out in our analysis and things that we think should be adjusted to better reflect the air quality benefits of ethanol.”

Bliley tells Brownfield that Growth Energy was able to use real fuel trend data from EPA itself to push back, “The EPA study showed that there was an increase of 1.3% in particulate emissions where our analysis shows actually a three-percent decrease. You know, that’s really substantial.”

And while EPA showed a reduction in benzene which Growth Energy agrees with, Bliley says it’s a greater reduction in their analysis.

Growth Energy submitted comments on EPA’s draft report on the final day, July 8th. The report is required by the Clean Air Act as part of consent decree reached last year which forced EPA to conduct the study.

Interview with Chris Bliley ^^

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