Growers learn from entering soybean yield contests


Growers learn from entering soybean yield contests

The Missouri Soybean Association research director says there’s something to be learned by entering the state’s soybean yield contest. Farmers have until September to register for the Missouri Soybean Association Yield Contest. Missouri Soybean Research Director Greg Luce says now is a good opportunity to start preparing.

“There’s still time for various practices to be applied,” Luce told Brownfield Ag News. “Fungicide applications, for instance, if they choose to use those, would be timely going forward here, and just kind of planning what they want to do and strategize a little bit if they want to pick out the location.”

There are many reasons to participate in the annual contest, said Luce, including what’s to be learned from it.

“I think that a lot it’s the challenge of pushing the parameters just a little bit, seeing what they can do,” said Luce, “what pays the most and a friendly competition with other growers.”

AUDIO: Greg Luce

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