Dietary guidelines look at saturated fats and nutrients


Dietary guidelines look at saturated fats and nutrients

A Registered Dietitian with the St. Louis District Dairy Council says they anticipate potential changes in the federal dietary guidelines where saturated fat and certain nutrients are concerned.

Amanda Marsh tells Brownfield Ag News she’s aware there’s discussion about saturated fat levels in all foods, including dairy and meat, “And I also know that there’s new and emerging research that shows that the saturated fat that naturally occurs in foods like milk or like your meats does not negatively affect your heart health.” She says it’s the saturated fats in baked goods that can negatively affect the heart.

Marsh says the council also expects the 2020 dietary guidelines to make changes in nutrient requirements, “We have heard changes are coming in terms of the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. And, they’re also looking at the nutrition people need when they’re under the age of two or for women who are lactating or pregnant, which is a big change.”

Marsh says Americans either aren’t getting enough of certain nutrients or they’re getting too much. The new dietary guidelines are expected at the end of this year.

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