More hot, largely dry weather for the Heartland


More hot, largely dry weather for the Heartland

A low-pressure system crossing the Southeast will continue to spark heavy showers. Five-day rainfall totals could reach 3 to 6 inches or more in the coastal Carolinas.

Later this week, as the storm system drifts near the Atlantic Seaboard, parts of New England may experience additional drought relief. Other areas in the eastern half of the country and across the nation’s northern tier will receive occasional showers, maintaining generally favorable growing conditions.

However, mostly dry weather will accompany building heat across the central and southern High Plains and the Southwest, resulting in potentially severe stress on already drought-affected rangeland, pastures, and rain-fed summer crops.

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for the likelihood of near- or above-normal temperatures and near- or below-normal rainfall across most of the country.

Cooler-than-normal conditions will be limited to the Northwest, while wetter-than-normal weather should be confined to the lower Southeast and portions of the nation’s northern tier.

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