Focusing on dicamba alternatives


Focusing on dicamba alternatives

The uncertainty behind recent court rulings regarding dicamba have prompted some farmers to focus on weed management alternatives.

Evan Marr farms in west central Illinois near Jacksonville. He tells Brownfield they have always sprayed dicamba as a last resort.

“We don’t use dicamba on every acre. We try to pick and chose if we have to absolutely use it or not. We mostly use a product called Flexstar on everything, which is obviously a lot safer, less volatile product to use.”

He says getting an early start on weed control and continuous scouting has been their most successful approach.

“We are transitioning a lot of our acres over to completely strip-till and so we use a lot of fall burn down and it seems like with that we have had a lot less issues with weeds coming back up in the spring.”

Marr says he thinks Enlist products are a good weed management source and hopes they do not receive the same legal pressure.  

Interview with Evan Marr

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