Milk futures push past $23, cash dairy mixed

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Milk futures push past $23, cash dairy mixed

Milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange closed higher Monday as strong block cheese demand continues to drive markets.

July Class III milk 28 cents higher at $23.25.  August up 69 cents at $21.64.  September 34 cents higher at $19.15.  October 26 cents higher at $18.00.  November through January contracts 10 to 18 cents higher.

Dry whey down $0.0175 at $0.3125.   

Blocks up $0.0250 at $2.70.  Five trades were made ranging from $2.6950 to $2.70. 

Barrels down $0.0450 at $2.37.  Two trades were made at $2.37 and $2.39.

Butter up $0.0075 at $1.7450. 

Nonfat dry milk up $0.0025 at $1.0125. 

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