Central Nebraska farmer says crops look ‘really good’


Central Nebraska farmer says crops look ‘really good’

Central Nebraska farmer Brandon Hunnicutt says their crops look “really good” right now.  And he says he’s not too concerned, at this point, about the long stretch of 90-plus degree days in the forecast.

“It going to be a little bit of a concern, but the crops look like they’re handling it well,” Hunnicutt says. “As long as we stay up with the irrigation, things should be good.”

Hunnicutt says a bigger concern would be if overnight temperatures stayed much warmer-than-normal for an extended period.

“Especially is we start getting full out into pollination. You know, we saw that in—seems like it was 2014 or 2015, somewhere in that range—where we kind of hit the same stretch where it wasn’t quite as hot in the day but the nighttime temperatures stayed way up.”

He says their corn is not tasseling yet, but he expects some of their earlier-planted corn will start to tassel later this week.

Hunnicut says the recent run-up in prices has been a positive.

“It’s making us look at little closer at trying to get rid of some bushels, whether it’s this year’s bushels or next year’s, trying to make sure we capture some of this on the way up,” he says. “Because the reverse would be that the weather changes and all of a sudden we’re raising a massive crop, even bigger than what we thought, and prices go the other way.”

Hunnicutt farms near Giltner, Nebraska.

AUDIO: Brandon Hunnicutt

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