Recent weather helps Michigan crop and fruit development


Recent weather helps Michigan crop and fruit development

Warm weather and scattered rain helped Michigan’s crops last week.  USDA reporters say Friday and Saturday brought some locally heavy rain to the Lansing area.

Michigan’s corn and soybeans are near full emergence with 53% of corn in good condition and 12% excellent.  USDA says Soybeans are 51% good and 13% excellent.  62% of winter wheat, 88% of barley, 81% of oats, and 42% of sugarbeets are in either good or excellent condition as of Sunday.

First crop hay is 53% cut, and very few Michigan farmers are starting to cut second-crop hay.

Michigan’s fruit growers were irrigating early in the week, but storms brough more moisture late in the week.  Blueberries are growing rapidly, and both tart cherries and applies are sizing well.  Southwestern Michigan peaches are already 1.5 inches in diameter with the pits starting to harden.

The asparagus harvest is about finished in the west central region.  In the southeast, harvesting continues for broccoli, kale, collards, and radishes.  Early planted sweet corn is beginning to tassel.

Cucumber and melon growers in western Michigan are beginning to apply fungicide after reports of Cucurbit downy mildew being found in several fields.

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