Missouri crops will need moisture in following weeks


Missouri crops will need moisture in following weeks

A western Missouri farmer says the following weeks will have a large impact on his corn and soybean yields.

Todd Gibson farms outside of Norborne near the Missouri river, he says while his corn looks good now, it’ll need more moisture to stay in good condition.

“I’ve got some that’s just now starting to tassel, if it get’s some rain that’ll help,” he said. “I’ve also got some corn that’s just now waste high and it could use some more moisture here and there and it could still turn either way right now is a critical time.”

Gibson said it’s too early to tell what his soybean crop will shape into…

“The bean crop is still anybody’s guess, you know, it looks good right now and it’s anywhere from just now coming out of the ground to four or five inches tall,” he said.

Gibson said farmers in his area are planning on a late harvest because of early wet and cool conditions leading to later planter or replanting.

Todd Gibson Interview

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