Heavy rains + heat spell trouble for soybeans


Heavy rains + heat spell trouble for soybeans

A forecast of heavy rains followed by heat could spell trouble for soybeans in parts of the Midwest this week.

University of Minnesota Extension soybean agronomist Seth Naeve says he’s concerned about ponding as a system moves from the upper Mississippi Valley to the lower Ohio Valley.

“We generally kind of talk about this in a positive context. We say ‘Well, now that it’s cooled off after this rain, we’ll have cool temperatures around (so) the soybeans will survive a little bit longer.’ But if we really do get 90 degree temperatures for several days, it’s going to be pretty tough on (soybeans).”

He tells Brownfield the problem is heat pushes growth while the plant is under stress.

“If we had temperatures in the 50’s, those soybeans can survive 48 (to) 72 hours without much problem being in completely saturated soil, and with a little bit of ponding. But when things are hot, that number goes down quite a lot.”

For drowned out spots, Naeve suggests replanting soybeans that are one maturity group shorter than the original variety.  He says its generally worth it from both an economic and a management standpoint.

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