FMC Corporation launches FMC Ventures


FMC Corporation launches FMC Ventures

FMC Corporation has launched FMC Ventures to help advance emerging ag technology innovation.

Amar Singh, managing director of FMC Ventures, says are investing in the future of agriculture in a way that is a “win-win” for FMC, the emerging company, and the industry.

“We’re interested in any technology that could potentially radically impact how crop input products are developed, how they’re sold, and how they’re applied on the farm,” he says.

He tells Brownfield FMC Ventures will focus initial investments on synthetic biology, alternatives to synthetic chemistry, precision ag tools, emerging business models, and more.  

Singh says its first portfolio investment is in Trace Genomics, a start-up that can identify bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and pathogens, and their interactions with each other and the plant.  

“Basically, if you take a soil sample and send it to their lab, they’ll send you a report saying which organisms are present and which ones are absent,” he says. “The company will also show if you put back the organisms that are absent what kind of outcome you can have,” he says.

FMC Corporation will retain a minority equity stake in Trace Genomics, which has operations in California and Iowa.

Audio: Amar Singh

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