WOTUS replacement blocked by Colorado judge


WOTUS replacement blocked by Colorado judge

The Trump Administration’s replacement to the controversial Waters of the U.S. Rule is facing some controversy of its own.

Don Parrish with American Farm Bureau says while many accused WOTUS of going too far, there are attorneys general in several states who say the Navigable Waters Protection Rule doesn’t go far enough.

“And primarily Democratic attorneys general, that are arguing to the court that the Clean Water Act requires the federal government to regulate to the fullest extent, the Constitution, whatever Congress intended with the term “navigable,” they basically say that it requires that.”

Farm Bureau supports the new Clean Water Rule that went into effect Monday after a judge in the 9th Circuit Court denied a motion to block implementation.

“It looked at everything the Trump Administration did under the direction of (EPA Administrator) Andrew Wheeler and David Ross of the Office of Water, and basically this particular judge came to the conclusion that this Administration has dotted every I and crossed every T.”           

However, Parrish tells Brownfield another federal judge did grant a preliminary injunction, freezing the rule only for the state of Colorado.

He says that means the Navigable Waters Protection Rule is applicable in every U.S. territory except Colorado, and Parrish expects the Colorado ruling to be appealed and eventually overturned.

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