Sutter: US-China trade progress is good for US soy


Sutter: US-China trade progress is good for US soy

US Soybean Export Council CEO Jim Sutter says he’s pleased that China has said it will purchase more US ag goods under the phase one agreement.

“In the meetings that Secretary of State Pompeo had in Hawaii, there was a commitment from the Chinese to honor their phase one purchases and they said they were going to step up their purchases of ag commodities, so I think it’s all looking good,” he says.

He says it’s important to remember that it’s a two-year agreement and if China doesn’t meet commitments this year, there’s time to make it up in year two.

Sutter says USSEC continues to work in markets around the world.

“What we want is a wide diversification of import markets for US soy and so we’re doing a lot of work especially in emerging markets,” he says. “Egypt has been a real success factor and Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

Brownfield interviewed Sutter after USSEC’s virtual Asia Trade Exchange.

Audio: Jim Sutter

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