NBB appalled by EPA’s consideration of 52 gap waivers


NBB appalled by EPA’s consideration of 52 gap waivers

Biofuels groups are outraged over EPA’s decision to consider 52 small refinery “gap year” waivers dating back to 2011, in light of the ruling saying the agency can’t do that. Kurt Kovarik is with the National Biodiesel Board and tells Brownfield Ag News, “Either Mr. Wheeler isn’t aware of what the court said or he just doesn’t care. I don’t understand how someone could be SO off in their interpretation of what a court told them.”

Kovarik says, if granted, the EPA will face more litigation and any other court will support the 10th Circuit ruling.

Plus, he says, the promised support from President Trump for farmers is eroding close to the point of no return, “I wouldn’t be surprised if farmers and biofuels producers have finally said ‘You know what, enough is enough. I don’t trust ‘em, we can’t rely on them. It’s time for them to go.’”

Kovarik says, by rolling back the clock, there appears to be no length EPA won’t go to help refiners undermine the RFS. The NBB is asking EPA to reject the gap year petitions.

^^ Interview with Kurt Kovarik ^^

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