USSEC CEO discusses US soy advantage


USSEC CEO discusses US soy advantage

US Soybean Export Council CEO Jim Sutter says US soybeans continue to have an advantage in the global market.

“The US leads committing nations in soybean innovation, nutrition, sustainability, consistent product quality, safety, and reliable delivery,” he says.   

He says soy growers remain committed to sustainable production practices.

“US farmers are using practices like no-till farming, cover crops, rotated planting, and more,” he says. “All help manage water use, improve soil health, and reduce the need for chemicals.

Sutter says since 1980, US farmers have increased overall soybeans by 96 percent while reducing soil erosion by 66 percent, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 41 percent, and reducing overall land use by 35percent.

Sutter made these comments during USSEC’s second Asia Trade Exchange.

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