Pork producers continue to adjust


Pork producers continue to adjust

Pork producers continue to adjust after facing market challenges and supply chain disruptions related to COVID-19.

Jeanette Merritt, director of pork checkoff programs with Indiana Pork, says Hoosier producers have stepped up during this time to help those in need.

“For years we have said farmers feed the world, but we really have taken that to another level to feed our neighbors,” she says. “In times when the unemployment rate is sky high and when people may not be sure where their next meal is going to come up, our Hoosier pig farmers have stepped up and donated pigs to food pantries.”

She says it’s been great to highlight what farmers are doing to give back to their communities even when times are uncertain.

Merritt says it has helped that processing plants resumed operations. She says she would like consumers to be patient and know there is not a pork shortage and disruptions in supply are temporary.

“There’s pork in the chain,” she says. “If you go to the grocery store and are maybe limited on how many types of meat you can purchase or packages of meat you can purchase, know that the processors are working to get pork back on the grocery store shelf.”

Indiana has 3,000 pork producers.

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