Missouri farmer might switch to Liberty beans


Missouri farmer might switch to Liberty beans

A Missouri farmer says he might switch to Liberty soybeans if dicamba is not renewed next year.  Richard Oswald says he started growing dicamba tolerant beans in 2017 as a way to protect himself and neighbors even though the companies promised that volatility and drift would not be a problem. He tells Brownfield Ag News, “I can tell you from what I’ve seen around here that’s not accurate at all. That stuff is dangerous and has created a lot of stress in the community.”

Now a court ruling vacating the products’ registration and a court battle between EPA and plaintiffs leaves the products future in question and Oswald says he would consider switching to Liberty in 2021, “My son and I discussed it and we thought, well, if we need a change of plan then that would probably be our change of plan right now because we’re just not set up to try to grow organic beans or non-GMO beans.”

Oswald says there is not a demand in his area for either organic or non-GMO beans.

EPA’s cancellation order allowing dicamba over the top application through July 31st is being challenged by the plaintiffs who say it is unlawful to apply.

^ Interview excerpt with Richard Oswald ^

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