Iowa group waits before proceeding with alternative livestock show


Iowa group waits before proceeding with alternative livestock show

Independent Iowa groups are working on alternative plans for a junior livestock show if the Iowa State Fair decides not to have one.

Ben Schmaling raises Berkshire pigs near Prescott, Iowa, and is on a committee that has been preparing for an alternative swine show.  He tells Brownfield the fair is canceled, but maybe not the livestock shows. “We’re still optimistic that the state fair group is planning to host some junior livestock events still, and we’re waiting to hear (the) official word with them.” Schmaling says other volunteers are working on possible shows for other kinds of livestock.

Schmaling says Iowa State Fair group is trying to maintain the livestock portion of the fair, so the committee he serves on is waiting to see what they do. “We’re in a standstill mode right now. We’ve done a lot of our due diligence and we’re ready to move forward if necessary but right now, we’re going to be respectful to the Iowa State Fair and what their goals are.”

Schmaling says he’s not sure when the state fair officials will make a final decision about their livestock shows. He tells Brownfield the committees are not part of the state fair, 4H or FFA.

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