Distributor says loss of dicamba, rule interpretation a setback


Distributor says loss of dicamba, rule interpretation a setback

A distributor of dicamba products says the loss of the weed control product after the start of the growing season is a setback for growers and suppliers.

Rob Evans with Rosen’s Inc. says, “A lot of the planning takes place well in advance and whether the product was physically sitting at the grower’s place or the product was sitting at the retailer’s place or distribution, it was planned on being used.”

Evans tells Brownfield dicamba has been advantageous for fighting Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, and giant ragweed.

in Wisconsin, dicamba that is paid for but not delivered must be returned.  Evans says in most cases, they would deliver to the retailer, but the Wisconsin rule interpretation might impact a few retailers and their farm customers. “With this day and age, with the different financing tools that are out there and different ways for growers to secure dollars for a product, some of that is way more hand-to-mouth than any of us would like it, and for those situations, the product is probably not where it needs to be.”

Evans says the “plan B’ chemistries like Flexar and Syngenta’s Tavium dicamba, which is not affected by the court order are already in very short supply.

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