Nebraska ag retailer is relieved by EPA’s dicamba allowance


Nebraska ag retailer is relieved by EPA’s dicamba allowance

Ag retailers across the country were relieved to hear that EPA is allowing the continued use of dicamba products this growing season.

Bryan Hoffman is with Farmers Pride, a cooperative based in northeast Nebraska.

“We were a little concerned on what we were going to do with our products that we had in our facilities, and what our farmers should do with it,” Hoffman says. “So now we at least know that we can apply and sell it according to the way the label states.”

But Hoffman says they are restricted to what they have on hand.

“My distributor has decided they’re not willing to take a chance on it, so they’re not shipping anything to us,” he says. “So what we have currently on hand, if we sell it all, we won’t be able to get any more.”

Hoffman says windy conditions have prevented them from applying any dicamba this week. And he says the application window is starting to close on some fields because of the “45 days after planting” limitation.

AUDIO: Bryan Hoffman

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