MN Rep. Angie Craig hosts supply chain discussion


MN Rep. Angie Craig hosts supply chain discussion

A member of the House Agriculture Committee says the coronavirus pandemic has made clear the U.S. needs a reliable, high quality, responsive, and resilient food supply chain.

Minnesota Democrat Angie Craig hosted a virtual discussion with farmers, processors, and manufacturers Wednesday, and pledged to share their feedback with Congress.

“We need to revisit the federal responsibility and accountability for distribution of supply chain, and that also includes revisiting our appetite for appropriating dollars for a continuous stockpile of personal protective equipment.”

She says it sounds like diversification will be necessary to build a more resilient supply chain.

Craig is concerned about the influence of foreign-owned companies.

“So I think as we look at our response to a global pandemic, I think this is going to be a bipartisan (and) bicameral look at if we really want such high levels of consolidation in certain supply chains.”

But Craig also understands today’s supply chains are global, and says that has be considered as well.

Officials with the Minnesota Corn Growers, Minnesota Farm Bureau, and Minnesota Farmers Union participated in the call.

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