Industry reports continued record organic sales in 2019


Industry reports continued record organic sales in 2019

The Organic Trade Association says 2019 U.S. organic sales pushed past previous records and expects 2020 to have large gains from pandemic demand.

Total organic sales were up five percent to $55.1 billion with new records set for organic food and non-food products.

The Association says pantry stocking this spring increased organic produce sales by more than 20 percent.

Ag economist Ryan Koory with Mercaris says significant shifts in consumer behavior could have long-term positive impacts on organic foods.

“It equates to about $17 billion more going through grocery stores, so it’s a potential for $10s if not $100s of millions more in that space where organic brands have the stronger connection to consumers.”    

The Organic Trade Association says organic produce made up the largest category in the annual survey, followed by dairy and eggs.

Organic dairy demand growth remained low but grew at a faster rate than conventional.

Organic meat, poultry, and fish are the smallest segment of organic sales but saw a 10 percent growth in 2019, the largest growth in any food category.

Koory made his comments during a recent Organic Trade Association webinar.

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