Indiana Pork adjusts plans with cancellation of traditional Indiana State Fair


Indiana Pork adjusts plans with cancellation of traditional Indiana State Fair

Like other commodity groups, Indiana Pork is making adjustments with the news that the traditional Indiana State Fair is cancelled.

Jeanette Merritt is the director of checkoff programs for Indiana Pork.  

“It was really heartbreaking to have to be part of the decision to cancel the fair,” she says. “I’m in my third year as a board member for the Indiana State Fair and the board has spent several months trying to figure out how we could have a fair and in the end it just wasn’t going to be an experience we could offer.”

She says Indiana Pork is excited there will still be an experience for 4-H livestock showmen.

“We’re going to have an opportunity to bring in our livestock projects from around the state and let kids be able to show their animals that they’ve probably spent a lot more time working with this spring, maybe than they ever have before, since school was different and kids have been home more than they have in the past,” she says. “So, we’re excited to see that opportunity happen for our 4-H youth.”

A cancelled traditional fair means no pork tents and no ham breakfast to kick off the 14-day event. But, Merritt says the organization will be involved in the livestock events and serve pork if given the opportunity.

“Indiana Pork will be involved in the Indiana State Fair if that opportunity becomes available,” she says. “If the State Fair wants pork burgers sold to the kids that are on the grounds, we would be happy to do that. We’re just kind of waiting to hear what the State Fair’s plans are moving forward.”

The livestock and animal events will take place August 7-22.

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