Animal Ag Alliance continues to monitor animal rights activists


Animal Ag Alliance continues to monitor animal rights activists

The Animal Agriculture Alliance is closely monitoring a new initiative by an animal rights activist group that includes an interactive map of farm and animal agriculture facilities across the country.

Emily Solis is communications specialist with the alliance.

“It’s troubling that they’re really working together and really trying to collaborate to increase their targeting of animal agriculture,” she says. “So, the Animal Agriculture Alliance has been monitoring that extensively since this has been released.”  

She says the activist group’s goal is to end animal agriculture. Advice she has for livestock producers is…

“Make sure you’re being very proactive in your farm’s security and that you’re taking and implementing farm security measures and building relationships with your local law enforcement and having those conversations before any animal rights activity even begins,” she says. “That’s really what we’re encouraging people to do.”  

More information about protecting farms from animal rights activists can be found at

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