Plaintiffs counsel says EPA dicamba order defies court ruling


Plaintiffs counsel says EPA dicamba order defies court ruling

The Center for Food Safety and Center for Biological Diversity say EPA’s cancellation order on dicamba flies in the face of the court ruling banning those products and ignores the well-documented drift harm to farmers.  George Kimbrell, lead counsel for the petitioners who sued EPA & Monsanto, told Brownfield Ag News just hours before the EPA order, “Anyone using the pesticides right now, if they’re spraying it over the top of soybeans and cotton, are doing it in contravention and in violation of the court decision declaring it unlawful.”

The groups say the EPA ruling to allow the three dicamba herbicides to be sprayed through July 31st risks another disastrous spraying season and risks hundreds of endangered species. In a statement this morning, the groups say they will bring “EPA’s failure to abide by the Court’s order to the Court” as quickly as possible.

Interview with George Kimbrell the morning of June 8, 2020, below:

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