Hemp industry making case for coronavirus assistance


Hemp industry making case for coronavirus assistance

Growers of industrial hemp are making a case for direct assistance as Congress deliberates another round of COVID-19 relief.

Minnesota Industrial Hemp Association president Dave Ladd tells Brownfield officials at the state and national level requested aid to be included in the CARES Act.

“We weren’t included the last time around, but USDA and Ag Secretary Perdue have indicated they are open (to it) if we can make a case, and the sector can make a case for those losses.”

He says that’s difficult because as a reemerging industry, there aren’t years and years of data to base payments off of.

“But they do have a comment period open right now until June 21st where comments can be submitted to the Secretary for eligibility for these programs.”

Ladd says 2020 was already going to be more challenging economically for the hemp sector as the market made corrections, but the pandemic has added to those challenges.

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