Tennessee crops: 86% cotton and 63% soybeans planted


Tennessee crops: 86% cotton and 63% soybeans planted

Drier weather aided in Tennessee’s crop progress this past week.  Farmers across the state made excellent planting progress for row crops, tobacco setting, and the start of wheat harvest.

Ninety-six percent of the state’s corn crop has been planted, 86 percent emerged, and 73 percent is rated good to excellent. 

Sixty-three percent of soybeans have been planted and 44 percent has emerged, and 75 percent are rated good to excellent.  Eighty-six percent of the cotton crop has been planted and 5 percent of the crop is squaring with 56 percent rated good to excellent.  Forty-five percent of tobacco has been set.

Seven percent of the wheat crop has been harvested.  The first cutting of hay is 55 percent complete.

Sixty-three percent of pastures are rated good to excellent.

96 percent of Topsoil and 93 percent of Subsoil are called adequate to surplus.

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