Center for Food Safety says dicamba ruling is clear


Center for Food Safety says dicamba ruling is clear

The legal director for the Center for Food Safety says the 9th Circuit court ruling on three dicamba products is unambiguous. George Kimbrell is lead counsel in the National Farm Coalition litigation that was brought against EPA and Monsanto.

“The over the top spraying uses, the new uses, on genetically engineered soybean and cotton were vacated. They were made null and void by the court.”

Kimbrell calls EPA’s statement to farmers and state regulators Friday a non-statement, “From our perspective, all they need to say is that the court decision is clear and the pesticides are unlawful to use.”

Kimbrell tells Brownfield Ag News farmers should NOT be on the hook from this ruling, “If they were sold a bad product that is now unusable and unlawful then those pesticide companies have it well within their means of commercial transaction to make those farmers whole again and we encourage them to do that.”

Kimbrell says Monsanto and the EPA did everything they could over the past four years to slow the case while knowing the “unprecedented damage, off field, that their products were causing.”

Kimbrell says the ruling does not stop those dicamba products from being used in certain conventional uses.

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