Rewards Beyond Rebates Radio Road Show 6/5/20

Managing for Profit

Rewards Beyond Rebates Radio Road Show 6/5/20

BASF has introduced a new initiative that focuses on the agronomic fit and not bundles and rebates. BASF Rewards Beyond Rebates is an agronomics first program – allowing growers to choose the right agronomic solutions specifically for their farms.

On Today’s Rewards Beyond Rebates Radio Road Show, Melanie Burke, Innovations Specialist with BASF tells Brownfield the BASF approach to making input decisions is not based on rebates, but rather on agronomic decisions that will support growers with ways to maximize the return on investments on their fields.

It’s a grower-focused approach that offers both flexibility and rewards.

To learn more, Growers should talk with their local BASF representative or go to

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