NFU says indictments show need for greater antitrust enforcement


NFU says indictments show need for greater antitrust enforcement

The president of the National Farmers Union says the recent indictments of four poultry industry executives accused of price fixing highlights the need for stronger enforcement of anti-trust violations. Rob Larew tells Brownfield Ag News, “There’s such market concentration that this type of price-fixing is almost inevitable. So, we see the actions that are moving through the courts right now as really positive. We certainly hope it continues.”

Larew says it’s critical to get to the heart of the matter of concentration and consolidation, “Much stronger enforcement of anti-trust laws so that we don’t find ourselves in this situation in the first place. Because this is another one of those problems that leads to a food system that isn’t very resilient.”

Larew says price fixing in the ag industry is extremely harmful to everyone and means companies who engage in it pay farmers even less for their hard work while charging restaurants, grocery stores and American consumers more for food.

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