Is dicamba ruling first domino to fall for ag chemicals?


Is dicamba ruling first domino to fall for ag chemicals?

There’s concern the recent court decision blocking the sales and use of dicamba could bring about the demise of other ag chemicals.

But Peterson Farms Seed Agronomist Adam Spelhaug tells Brownfield the scope of the ruling is probably limited.

“That’s kind of the one thing we always wonder, especially coming from that district, is this just the tip of the iceberg? I think this one is really pretty much more specific product targeted.”

He doubts the 9th District Court of Appeals can set a precedent that opens the door to attack other herbicides.

“Hopefully not. I think the deal is this group kind of enacted it, saw the issues that had happened across the nation with some of the off-target movement, and went after the EPA for allowing these products on the market more or less.”

Spelhaug says it’s unfortunate that dicamba seems to get more negative press than positive press, adding that the soybean leaf cupping and off-target movement issues clearly still don’t sit right with everybody.

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