A brief break in rain, heat & humidity in the Corn Belt


A brief break in rain, heat & humidity in the Corn Belt

Across the Corn Belt, slightly cooler air continues to overspread the far upper Midwest. Other areas remain hot with scattered showers, favoring a rapid pace of corn and soybean development.

On the Plains, cooler air is settling across Montana and the Dakotas. Farther south, scattered showers and thunderstorms are providing limited relief from ongoing hot weather. Portions of the central and southern High Plains continue to experience intensifying drought.

In the South, warm, humid weather is promoting crop growth. However, scattered to widespread showers are slowing fieldwork, including early-season winter wheat harvesting.

In the West, hot, dry weather continues to promote fieldwork and crop development. However, the region is also experiencing widespread topsoil moisture shortages, while rangeland, pastures, and rain-fed crops in drought-affected areas are exhibiting stress.

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