World Dairy Expo 2020 canceled


World Dairy Expo 2020 canceled

World Dairy Expo for 2020 has been canceled.  Event General Manager Scott Bentley tells Brownfield the Alliant Energy Center, home to World Dairy Expo, is a Dane county-owned facility that falls under the jurisdiction of local COVID-19 emergency orders, and the phased reopening of the county won’t be far enough along to proceed with the event. “In a best-case scenario, we would have been limited to 250 people maximum per day across the 164 acres of the Alliant Energy Center.”

And, the show averages more than 10-thousand people a day.  Bentley says other options were explored, including a different site. “We did not feel like that was a viable option for us at this time. We also evaluated the potential for just a dairy cattle show, but again, when we came back to the restrictions that would have been placed upon us by the public health declaration, that was also not a viable option.”

Bentley tells Brownfield they also heard from some of their international attendees who expressed concern about traveling.  He says World Dairy Expo would likely see an attendance drop if held this year, but the decision to cancel was not a financial one but in line with the Public Health Madison & Dane County’s COVID-19 order to promote the safety of everyone involved.

This is the first-ever cancellation for the 53-year-old event, and Bentley says it was a difficult decision for the Executive Committee to make. 

World Dairy Expo General Manager Scott Bentley discusses canceling the 2020 show with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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