Many factors go into deciding whether to replant


Many factors go into deciding whether to replant

An agronomist says there are several factors to consider when deciding whether to replant. There are parts of Missouri that have had difficulty because of cool, wet weather, said Bill Wiebold, state extension specialist for soybeans and corn at the University of Missouri.

“In some cases they haven’t planted,” Wiebold told Brownfield Ag News, “and then in many cases they have planted corn and have some difficulty in getting a good stand.”

Weather issues stretch from the southwestern part of Missouri to the state’s Bootheel, said Wiebold, adding that replanting considerations are both agronomic and economic.

“If you have a sparse stand, what’s that yield going to be from that stand, or if you’re thinking about replanting, what would be the yield of that replanted stand,” said Wiebold. “It’s pretty simple math. You also have to figure out what it costs to replant.”

The primary consideration is what the field’s income will be followed by how badly the corn is needed and what demand the decision will make on the producer’s time, said Wieldold.

The other factor is the calendar; Wiebold says yield is lost with every day planting is delayed.

The free MU Extension guide “Corn and Soybean Replant Decisions” tells how to count and calculate stands, replant costs and yield potentials, said Wiebold. The guide provides worksheets to help growers make decisions for different regions of Missouri.

“It’s not a straightforward math problem,” he said. “There are some other things that enter into the decision.”

AUDIO: Bill Wiebold

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